Leigh Arms, August 5th

Well the Leigh Arms (5th August) was a new venue for us, and to be honest…we were a little bit nervous of playing this popular town centre venue!!!

Would our brand of feelgood ‘choons’ go down well? Would Stef’s hat stay on through all the guitar changeovers? Would Sarah make it out of Frankie & Benny’s? Would Jan remember all the words? Would Johnny stay awake?  But our fears were unfounded; the crowd were lovely people who joined in the songs, had a little dance … and clapped in all the right places 🙂

I heard a rumour it was sooo busy that emergency beer supplies had to be sent out for  (but that could have been caused by Chief Roadie and Beer Monster Stu). It was fab that so many of our friends (and dare I call them fans???) came along to see us, it was a really great to see you and have your support.

Looking forward to a return here early in 2018…we’ll keep you posted!